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The words by professor I.A.Boduen-de-Courtene (the editor of the 3-d edition of the explanatory dictionary by V.I.Dal) that if a word (including a foul word) is presented in the language, it must be included into the dictionary and the way it is used depends on the human culture, has become the stimulus to prepare CD-Dictionary Russian Foul Language. The dictionary contains various examples (phrases, locutions, chastushkas, anecdotes, quotations, jokes) as well as explanations and history of the origin of some non-standard words.

Besides explanations the dictionary contains the expanded examples of the foul language (slang) employment from the books as well as chastushkas, jokes, anecdotes, sayings, etc. The ethimology of some words and expressions with the reference to the dictionaries and primary sources. Of course, to describe completely such a phenomenon as the Russian foul language in one dictionary is practically impossible, still the Publishing House considers this dictionary to be useful especially for the persons who learns the Russian.

The Publishing House will be grateful for any notes, additions and corrections.

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