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Online English - Russian Dictionary of Phrases a is based on
English-Russian-English dictionary of everyday phrases Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553034
A. Dubrovin
About 210 000 terms.

By compiling this dictionary extra 200 English books, school text-books for all classes, English-Russian and Russian-English phrase books, dictionaries of typical phrases and expressions, correspondence manuals etc. were used.

This is not original phraseology dictionary but a collection of everyday, colloquial and typical words, expressions and phrases compiled from school text-books, lot of phrase books (typical phrases and expressions for want of dialogue with foreigners in various situations), and also from a plenty of the English manuals for foreigners - situation phrase, daily dialogue words and daily life expression.

According to the dictionary author demand context, forms and structure of materials is given strictly in the original edition.

The dictionary has a real practical feature and especially good at school for drawing up of texts and abstracts. It is also a good manual for study English and/or Russian.

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