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Система машинного перевода Pars выпуск 5 'Бизнес' CDROM

Год выпуска: 1998
Издатель: ЭТС
ISBN 5864551031
Около 530000 терминов.
на диске 5 англо-русско-английских словарей для переводчика Pars: общая лексика, бизнес и экономика, банковская терминология, патентный, юридический.

Оплата через Сбербанк
доставка только по России

Цена: 155.00 руб.

Доставка по всему миру
Цена: $9.00

ISBN 5864551031
Release date: 1998
Published by: ETS
About 530000 terms.
This disk contains 5 English-Russian-English dictionaries for Pars Translator: General Lexis, Business and Economics, Bank Terminology, Patent, Legal.
PARS Machine Translation System to those who need translation to and from Russian but do not speak the language. While PARS cannot promise to preserve the distinctive style of Tolstoy in English or Shakespeare in Russian, it will translate accurately and correctly 100% of the information contained in a document. Anyone who needs access to information contained in a Russian text or who needs to convert an English document to Russian will find the PARS Translation System an invaluable tool. Our more than competitive prices make the system affordable not only for any business but also for any individual. The system is very fast and accurate. Up to 85% of translations do not require further editing, and the system translates as fast as 4 seconds per page when installed on the hard drive.

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