Polyglossum ver.4 (East Asia langusges) Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
Description of the program

See also Polyglossum ver.3.74 (more dictionaries, European languages)
See also Polyglossum dictionaries for Mac OS X
See also Polyglossum dictionaries for Android

Entering word to be searched:
Searching for words is made in the alphabetical indices of the dictionary. There are separate indices for different languages in Polyglossum dictionaries.

To switch between the alphabetical indices, select language in combobox in upper right corner of Polyglossum Window.

Input field where word to be searched can be typed is in the upper left corner of Polyglossum's window.

The word to be searched can be pasted from clipboard (key combinations are "Shift Ins" or "Ctrl V"), typed or taken from another application - see Calling the dictionary from other application).

If dictionary invoked using HotKey or word to be searched is pasted from clipboard, program recognize search language automatically.

When typing word in the input field program show and automatically scroll alphabetical list of words which can be found in active dictionary.

It is also possible to scroll alphabetical list by keys Up, Down, PgUp, PgDn or using scrollbar (controlled by mouse).

In order program to show search result, press Enter, or click on any word in alphabetical list.

Searching in several dictionaries:
If alphabetical list of active dictionary does not contain word to be searched, try to switch to another dictionary (button in upper left corner of program window) or ask Polyglossum to search in all available dictionaries (button )

While searching in all the dictionaries, program search first in dictionaries which are in top of the list.
In order to rearrange list of dictionaries, press right mouse button on the dictionary name. Pop-Up menu will appear. It allow to move dictionary in the list.

Browsing the search results:
Search results contain dictionary lines where search word occur

When program show large number of lines found or long entry of dictionary, button allow to find quickly all occurences of search word (contents of navigation window) in the text shown

Like in web browsers, there are also "back" and "forward" buttons in Polyglossum.

Any portion of text in Polyglossum window can be marked and copied to clipboard. It is also possible to search marked text in active dictionary or in all dictionaries. Right mouse button click on marked text invokes the menu.

Working with multiple Polyglossum windows:
Result of any operation including search the word, jump by link or activating another dictionary can be shown in new Polyglossum window.
In order to do this, just hold Ctrl key pressed when choosing word in alphabetical list or clicking on link or clicking on or .

All windows of Polyglossum work in the same manner but 2 cases:

In order to return from Polyglossum to program where you working (reading/translating) press Esc key or minimize it's window by one of standard windows method or just click on application you want to switch to.