Polyglossum ver.4 (East Asia langusges) Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
Description of the program

See also Polyglossum ver.3.74 (more dictionaries, European languages)
See also Polyglossum dictionaries for Mac OS X
See also Polyglossum dictionaries for Android

As for installing of additional dictionaries, please see "Installation of program and dictionaries" page.

Order in which word is searched when performing search trough all dictionaries is the same of order in dictionaries in list of installed dictionaries.
To tune this list press button. Then press right mouse button on any dictionary to move it to another location in the list.

Move most often used dictionaries to top of dictionary list.

Dialogue of additional options of Polyglossum can be opened via menu "Options" which can be invoked by pressing question mark button in upper right corner of program window

General page of dialogue
allow to choose interface language (language of options dialogue, pop-up menus etc.), and also set some common options

on the Program fonts page
it is possible to choose size and face of the font which is used to display menus and alphabetical lists of dictionaries and to choose size and face of the font which is used to display the dictionaries.

Multilingual text of dictionary cannot be displayed using single codepage, so select fonts which contain UNICODE.