Polyglossum ver.4 (East Asia langusges) Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
Description of the program

See also Polyglossum ver.3.74 (more dictionaries, European languages)
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List of dictionaries for Polyglossum ver.4

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Polyglossum dictionaries are designed to quickly get full dictionary information about translation of words and/or terms regardless the program where user works at this moment.

Wide range of dictionaries for Polyglossum allow to choose appropriate dictionaries for professional translating as well as for education purposes.

Program is easy to use.

Alphabetic lists of words shown "by demand" i.e. when user type word to be sought for in the lexical data base or when user want to scroll index to find appropriate word.

Result of request to search the word are lines of dictionary which contain requested word.

Usually there are no need to type word to find it's translation in dictionary. It is enough to highlight the word in any application (where you are translating the text) and to press "HotKey" of Polyglossum ("Alt+1" if not redefined by user).

Context-sensitive popup menu (on right mouse button click) help to perform fast navigation across dictionaries and allow to use any word in dictionary as cross-reference.

Program allows to install several dictionaries. For example, picture below shows that 3 dictionaries installed.

Program also can search word across all dictionaries in one step. Example: result of search for word "burst"