Polyglossum ver.4 (East Asia langusges) Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
Description of the program

See also Polyglossum ver.3.74 (more dictionaries, European languages)
See also Polyglossum dictionaries for Mac OS X
See also Polyglossum dictionaries for Android

Polyglossum can be used as standalone program.

Initial word or phrase which is to be sought for in the lexical data base could be typed by the user or copied from Clipboard.
See also Searching in dictionary

But in most cases it is more effective to call dictionary by pressing it's HotKey while working with the text in other application.

In order to Polyglossum can pop up by HotKey it must be running. Run it using Start menu or by any other means provided by Windows.
HotKey of Polyglossum is written in it's caption. It is possible to redefine or to clear HotKey at any time. See Polyglossum options

In order to call dictionary from another application (Word, email client etc.) do the following:

Program will do the following: Then you can continue browsing dictionaries to find full set of information of your interest and copy translation from dictionary.
- see. Browsing dictionaries