Polyglossum for Windows. Description of program.

See also: Polyglossum for Apple Macintosh OS X.

Polyglossum is compartible with MS Agent, i.e. if MS Agent and appropriate TTS Engines installed, Polyglossum can use MS Agent to pronounce dictionary text.

Select any text in dictionary, click right mouse button on the selection, select "say it" item in pop-up menu and MS Agent will say selected text.

All program components required your computer to speak, can be freely downloaded from Microsoft site

If you use Windows XP or Windows 2000 or Windows Me you also need to install SAPI 4 (in spite of SAPI 5 already installed in OS)
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and voices (TTS engines) for languages of dictionaries.
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As for English voice, we recommend download and install "Lernout & Hauspie TTS3000 TTS Engine British English" rather than "TrueVoice American English", because of this works better when several TTS engines by "LLernout & Hauspie" installed.
In addition install "Lernout & Hauspie TTS3000 TTS Engine Russian" and TTS engines for more languages if required.