Polyglossum for Windows. Description of program.

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See also: Polyglossum ver.4. (East Asia languages) Windows XP/Vista/7/8
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The main way of delivery of ETS Publishing House software is now "delivery via Internet".

This means that installation package of program and dictionary databases can be downloaded from ETS's server. In order program and dictionary to work, registration files (key files) also required. These are delivered to customers by email. Delivery of files on CD-ROM's also available.

Latest version of Polyglossum. can be downloaded from homepage of "ETS Publishing House"
Current version of program is Polyglossum ver.3.74

File of installer of Polyglossum ver.3.74 is pg374_install.exe

NOTE: Installation program requires Administrator privileges, in order to install Polyglossum login to Windows as user with Administrator priveleges and run pg374_install.exe
or use "run as Administrator" feature to start pg374_install.exe (if this service is available for current user).

Polyglossum can be installed to any disk/folder. Default location is Program Files

pg374_install.exe creates "Polyglossum" folder at specified location, installs files of Polyglossum program in this folder, creates fileassociations, items in "Start" menu, and also creates uninstall script.

Polyglossum package contains a few demo-dictionaries, so it is possible to try program without any registration and/or installation of full versions of dictionaries.

Difference between demo-dictionaries and full versions of dictionaries is that demo-dictionary contains only fragment of corresponding full dictionary, usually "letter A" only, i.e. demo-dictionary is analogous to "sample pages" of printed issue.
Demo can be used as sample to estimate if you would like to get full version of particular dictionary and/or just to see how Polyglossum program works on your computer.

More demo-versions available on DOWNLOAD page of ETS.

To try demo-versions of dictionaries of your interest, download these from page
It is convenient to download these to separate folder, for example as on screenshot below.

Windows can open zip-archives like folders. For example on the screenshot below" is opened, which contains demo-version of Business English - Russian - English dictionary

If Polyglossum program installed, you will see that this file is of "Demo-version of Polyglossum dictionary" type and can "open" it by doubleclick of left mouse button. Polyglossum will show this dictionary.

Installation of full versions of dictionaries

When user order dictionary in online shop of "ETS", he receives email with keyfiles and installation notes.

If (i.e. after) Polyglossum program installed it is possible to install dictionary by opening of it's keyfile. One can open dictionary keyfile directly from email.

This will start Polyglossum's dictionary setup utility. It will place keyfile to dictionary folder (My Documents\my_polyglossum_dictionaries) and can automatically install files of the dictionary. Or, if you prefer, you can get and unzip files manually, program will say how to do this.

If you have "Polyglossum_ver_3.7x" CD, program can get files of dictionaries from this disk, otherwise select "Internet" as sourse.

If automatic installation of dictionary is choosen by you ("Do it!" button) program will download dictionary from server or get from CD and unzip it to dictionaries folder.

In order to see full versions of dictionaries Polyglossum program should be registered by opening of it's keyfile.
NOTE: Polyglossum should not be running at this moment.
It is possible to open keyfile to Polyglossum program (keyfile.pg37key) directly from email.

This will register program for current user.

Then Polyglossum will start. Current dictionary name is displayed in header of window. Polyglossum also can work with several dictionaries, see Browsing dictionaries

Installation of additional dictionaries

Polyglossum program can work with several dictionaries. To make decision on what dictionaries are good for you, see descriptions on shopwindows of online shop and try demo-versions of dictionaries (see info on demo-versions above).

Ordering additional dictionaries in online shop of ETS user receives email with keyfiles to dictionaries and can install dictionaries by opening of keyfiles.