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Polyglossum 4. Multilingual Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms (20 volumes).
English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

Multilingual Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms issued in Polyglossum ver.4. for Windows
This is special version of Polyglossum program for multilingual dictionaries, which contain East Asia alphabets.

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Using Polyglossum user can both browse dictionaries and perform fast searching for words.

Demo-version of Polyglossum ver.4 is available for download here: Polyglossum ver.4.0

Installation package includes some demo-dictionaries, so You can test Polyglossum program with demo-dictionaries immediately after installation.

Difference between demo-dictionaries and full versions of dictionaries is that demo-dictionary contains only fragment of corresponding full dictionary, usually "letter A" only, i.e. demo-dictionary is analogous to "sample pages" of printed issue. Demo can be used as sample to estimate if you would like to get full version of the dictionary and/or just to see how Polyglossum program works on your computer.

Full versions of dictionaries can be ordered in our online shop.

Multilingual Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms in 20 volumes.
© The Dictionary Compilation Board of the StateAcademy of Sciences of D.P.R. of Korea
© ETS Publishing House, 2011, Moscow

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