Multilingual Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms (20 volumes).
Volume 7. Multilingual Dictionary of Geology Polyglossum ver. 4.
English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

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Multilingual Dictionary of Geology Polyglossum ver. 4.
© The Dictionary Compilation Board of the StateAcademy of Sciences of D.P.R. of Korea
© ETS Publishing House, 2011, Moscow
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Multilingual Dictionary of Geology contais terms, the major part of which refers to the fieldû of geology such as general geology, crystallography, mineralogy, petrography, palaeontology, stratigraphy, historical geology, structural geology, geotectonics, general geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, geochemical prospecting, mineralography, coal geology, petroleum geology, marine geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, geophysical prospecting, geological prospecting, fuel resources, geothermal resources, water resources, etc and, the rest is supplemented by the terms used in the basic and adjacent sciences closely related to the geology such as geography, seismology, geotechnics, etc. and the terms recently used in the new branches of geology such as plate tectonics, environmental geology, information geology, etc.

The dictionary is designed for interpreters, scientists, technicians, experts and students.

Current version of the Polyglossum program allows one-step search through all the installed dictionaries. It is easy to search for cross-references and backward translations through all the dictionaries.

It is possible to search terms in Chinese, Japanese, Korean using both original alpabets and transliteration.

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