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Research and Know-How English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553085
About 90000 terms.
File of dictionary: rsch.pg32 (1 597 159 bytes, 1.0Mb in zip-archive)

This Research and Know-How English-Russian-English Dictionary in the new version of the dictionary program Polyglossum is created on the hard basis of English-Russian Research Dictionary both terminological and dictionary basis of ETS publishing house.

The Research and Know-How English-Russian - English dictionary, Polyglossum includes on the full scale the lexicon from researches planning and managing up to commercial outcomes (for details see foreword to the English-Russian Research Dictionary. There are plenty names of English, American etc. educational and research institutes, centres and laboratories with appropriate Russian translation and also grant organizations and funds supporting scientific researches.

The dictionary will be useful: to the students, post-graduate students, science officers, experts of a broad structure, interpreters and everyone, who wants to receive a grant or financial support for researches, in particular for business-plan elaborating, fillings up the typical forms for grant seeking and even for Internet looking for funds of support and grant corporations.

Extract from the foreword to hard copy of Research and Know-How English-Russian-English Dictionary: The dictionary (ISBN 5864550248, 496 pages,) contains more than 22,000 terms in the next main researching directions: sociology of science, history of science, logic of scientific research, scientific theories substances, science philosophy, science psychology, structure of scientific knowledge systems, preparation and use of scientists, organization and planning of scientific activity, problem of scientific process, communications in a science (including plenty of official titles of research organizations and funds supporting scientific researches), form of scientific and technical activity, policy in the science sphere, information maintenance of a scientific research, economy of a science, science measures, research typology, performance of research establishments, scientific and technical potential, management of a science, legal problems in science researches, scientific and technical forecasting and systems analysis, and also more than 800 abbreviations.

The dictionary is designed for a broad circle of the users.

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