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Packing Technology English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864552100
About 7000 terms.
File of dictionary: pack.pg32 (102 056 bytes, 80Kb in zip-archive)

The English-Russian-English Pack and Container Dictionary for Polyglossum fills in an essential gap in sphere of the high specialized dictionaries - such type dictionaries were not issued before. But now a container and packing dictionary is hardly to rank strictly special as this item becomes more and more actual for many corporations, enterprises and businessmen.

Developing and export/import companies frequently run into a problem of monosemantic translation of terms on container and packing both Russian to English and English to Russian. Especially it concerns the foreign trade. Errors or absence of necessary translation in documentation, manuals on packing etc. can reduce in questions at issue and fines, and even to impossibility to trade in any countries, such as Russia where sale of goods without adequate Russian translation is prohibited. A task of this dictionary is to help easily to manage such kind of problems.

The nomenclature of this English-Russian-English Pack and Container Dictionary was partially used by the author by creating of the hard copy dictionary "Container, packing, associated documentation. The Russian-English Dictionary with English index".

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The English-Russian-English Pack and Container Dictionary for Polyglossum is a good tool for everyone, who practices translations and abstracts of specialized texts on container both packing in English and Russian, for technology experts, businessmen and corporations occupied with foreign trade activity, transportation, custom broker activity, goods declaration, and also officers of customs services.

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