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Oil - Gas - Chemistry English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864552046
About 420000 terms.
File of dictionary: oil_gas.pg32 (8 680 359 bytes, 5.8Mb in zip-archive)

The basis of lexical database was being prepared in the period 1995 to 1998, it his been supplemented until the printing plant deadline. Bilingual dictionaries, concise dictionaries and lexicons, various reference materials and instructions, GOSRs (state standards) and OSTs (industry standards), English-language periodicals (primarily American ones), and lexical materials of a number of translation offices specializing on the translation of relevant documents, and lexical databases of ETS Publishers were used to compile the dictionary.

To make the use of the dictionary more convenient, all the lexical materials were integrated in a single lexical database covering almost any issues of oil and gas and chemical industry, including geological prospecting, oil and gas production to refining and chemical technologies. The terms connected with chemistry reflect both applied chemistry and chemical technologies, and 'academic' chemistry.

The dictionary can be useful to wide circle of users.

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Sample pages of the dictionary (PDF-file, 133Kb)

Polyglossum allow one-step searching trough severeal different dictionaries. Program also have "user's dictionary" (to collect newest words), which can be edited "on the fly".

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