Deutsch - Russisch - Deutsch. Fachwörterbuch Nahrungsmittel und Nahrungsmittelindustrie.

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Deutsch - Russisch - Deutsch. Fachwörterbuch Nahrungsmittel und Nahrungsmittelindustrie
ISBN: 5864554189
B.Katsman, S.Lichak, A.Pankin, I.Fagradiants, Yu.Novikov, A.Utochkin, E.SHahidzhanyan.
About 230000 terms.
File of dictionary: nn_deu.pg32 (4 293 037 bytes, 2.9Mb in zip-archive)

Polyglossum German-Russian-German Food Stuff and Food Industry incorporates more than 52,000 dictionary articles, which permit to make a real time German and Russian search of more than 147,000 words and word combinations. The Dictionary contains the newest terminology, including about 8,000 words and word combinations never mentioned before in the German-Russian-German lexicographic sources

When making the Dictionary the vocabularies, compiled by A.Utochkin, I.Fagradyants, E.Shahidzhanyan, B.Zaichik, L.Bernstein, U.Novikov, as well as large amount of lexicographic sources (more than 50). In particular, for the first time German-Russian equivalents of the foreign economical activity’s trade nomenclature are included.

The layer of culinary and gastronomical Lexis, picked up from books and reference books by different publishing houses, including Austrian, Swiss, for example from the books by the «Tauner Verlag» Publishing house: Gastronomische Fachbücher, Fachbuchbibliothek «Serviern - Getränke - E-kultur - Kochkunst», etc.:

The Dictionary contains abbreviated and full names of international agreements and organizations, connected with food industry

Translations of standard inscriptions on food stuff’s packing as well as instructions how to cook are contained in the Dictionary

To a considerable extent the names of foreign dishes, food stuff and drinks are given there, as well as the names of national Austrian, Bavarian, Swiss dishes etc.

The part of vocabulary on Food Industry includes the recently updated vocabulary on the problems of ecology, digest and utilization of waste, of further use of the last achievements in biotechnology and genetic engineering.

In the Dictionary the materials from Internet were widely used, as well as the materials of the Translation Bureau of ETS Publishing House, of the Translation Company ILS-Russian and of the Editorial Offices of the magazines: «Tare and Packaging» and «Warehouse-keeping» etc.

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