Abbreviations and Official Names. English - Russian - English dictionary. Polyglossum

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Abbreviations and Official Names. English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553115
Under edition of A.Boykov
About 90000 terms.
File of dictionary: names.pg32 (2 193 133 bytes, 1.6Mb in zip-archive)

This electronic English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms helps to find thousands of abbreviations and acronyms collected by native speakers of the Great Britain, American English and New Zealand versions of English language and get to their true meaning, which is an important factor in understanding and translation of any English text.

At the dictionary there are abbreviations, acronyms, symbols from the different branches: common, special, technique, nature, science, business, military, international, diplomatic etc. The most part of English acronyms and abbreviations in the English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary "Abbreviations and Official Names English Russian dictionary Polyglossum" designate names of the organizations, institutes, universities, corporations, firms, settlements, international organizations and associations, American and English authorities, NATO, UN etc.

Some part of this Polyglossum-dictionary has been included in the biggest on-line dictionary

Look please example of the English-Russian-English dictionary "Abbreviations and Official Names English Russian dictionary Polyglossum" in pdf-format.

Search of words and phrases is in the electronic Polyglossum-dictionary also by English words, Russian words and Russian abbreviations. Look examples below.

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This new version of the Polyglossum dictionaries renders possible a global search through all dictionaries, and also makes it possible to realize a cross search of terms (words and phrases) in entries of the different dictionaries (dictionary bases). For example, assume that a key to an English abbreviation is found. It shall be marked in the entry by any standard Windows tool, after which the button "to find in all dictionaries" shall be pressed.

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