English-Russian and Russian-English Mining dictionary Polyglossum, 2-nd extended edition

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English-Russian and Russian-English Mining dictionary Polyglossum
2-nd issue, corrected and enlarged
ETS Publishing House.
About 360 000 search words
File of dictionary: mining_manyshev.pg32 (4 541 938 bytes)

The proposed online (PC) English-Russian-English Mining dictionary is the second edition of the dictionary published in 2005 by publishers ETS ("Electronic and Traditional dictionaries"), essentially extended and supplemented. Now its capacity more than 51 thousand entries and 360 thousand terms including the terminology of all stages of prospecting, exploration, development, underground and open mining of deposits, dressing of mineral resources.

In new release more attention it is given to prospecting science and practice, mining and processing of precious metals and jewels, dressing of mineral raw materials. In the dictionary oil and gas production, applied chemistry, construction, metallurgy are reflected.

Searching and selection of branch terminology, common in both languages, was carried out under numerous references of information, scientific and technical character.

As references for searching and selection of terminological base the proceedings of International Mining congresses, conferences and symposiums have been used and also English-Russian Mining dictionary by L.I.Baron, English-Russian and Russian-English Oil-Gas-Field dictionary by A.I.Bulatov, Russian-English Geologic dictionary by JU.G.Leonov, Big Russian-English Polytechnic dictionary by B.V.Kuznetsov, Explanatory Mining-and-geological dictionary by J.I.Anistratov. Great help in-process at the dictionary was rendered by Dr.Sci.Tech., professor A.T.Airuni.

English-Russian and Russian-English Mining dictionary Polyglossum,
2-nd issue, corrected and enlarged, searching for Russian word Show screenshot (searching for Russian word)

English-Russian and Russian-English Mining dictionary Polyglossum,
2-nd issue, corrected and enlarged Show screenshot (searching for English word)

Current version of the dictionary program Polyglossum allows to one-step search through all the installed dictionaries. It is easy to search for cross-references and backward translations through all the dictionaries. So, it is good idea to use this Dictionary together with some more Polyglossum dictionaries, such as common lexis dictionaries, technical dictionaries etc.

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You can download newest build of Polyglossum program and demo-version of the dictionary on
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