Military abbreviations English - Russian - English dictionary.

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Military abbreviations English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553107
Group of autors under edition of V.Poljukhin
About 300000 terms.
File of dictionary: m_abbr.pg32 (7 113 873 bytes, 5.2Mb in zip-archive)

First electronic issue of Military abbreviations English - Russian - English dictionary was CD-ROM ISBN 5864550973, 1999 - 2002, Polyglossum II. See also

Now it is available in Polyglossum About 800 new abbreviations added, some correction made, indices in both languages improved.

Important note: electronic version of dictionary allow to search quickly not only abbreviation but also terms within explanations of abbreviations in both languages. This brings absolutely new functionality to the dictionary. In fact it can be also used as general dictionary on military terms.

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Sample of text of this dictionary (PDF)

Below is preface of printed analog (main source for this electronic database).

PREFACE to printed issue of "English-Russian Dictionary of Scientific, Technical and Military Abbreviations"

English-Russian Dictionary of Scientific, Technical and Military Abbreviations is the main lexicographic reference handbook for working with scientific, technical and military literature in the English language, having as a rule a great number of abbreviations, acronyms, and arbitrary symbols.

The Dictionary contains over 68 thousand abbreviations, initialisms, acronyms, and alphabetical symbols with interpretations and translations into Russian. The specialized dictionary of such an extent has been issued in Russia for the first time, and it offers the majority of widely used abbreviations and acronyms of the lexico-phraseological layer of the given subjects.

This Dictionary includes abbreviations and symbols found within the period of 1975-1995 in relevant text materials in the English language on the subjects of design, tests, production and operation of equipment, materiel, armament, research and development for engineering various systems, complexes, weapons and military equipment, organizational units and activities of foreign research establishments, laboratories and centers, general organization and manning, combat activity and support of armed forces of the US, Great Britain, other English-speaking nations, as well as NATO allied forces.

To produce this Dictionary US and British special topical literature, materials of American and British periodicals have been used, alongside with terminological and encyclopedic dictionaries and reference books issued in this country and abroad.

As a rule, we did not include in this Dictionary the abbreviations which could be found in published some time ago English-Russian dictionaries of abbreviations in the fields of Communications and Radioelectronics (edited by F.Voroyskiy), Aviation and Space (by A.Murashkevitch and O.Vladimirov), Naval Equipment (by P.Favorov).

We hope that this Dictionary will be especially useful to civil and military specialists, interpreters, experts of research institutions, students, instructors and lecturers in higher education establishments.

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