English-Russian and Russian-English Geological dictionary Polyglossum

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English-Russian and Russian-English Geological dictionary Polyglossum
ETS Publishing House.
About 250 000 search words
File of dictionary: geol_manyshev.pg32 (3 976 840 ;bytes)

The offered dictionary the most complete electronic version of geological english-russian-english terminological base in Internet. It contains about 250 thousand terms practically on all sections - from general geology and lithology up to geological and economic estimation of deposits.

The dictionary composed subject to new geological information which have appeared lately. At the same time outdated and practically obsolete terms are given also.

During preparation of the dictionary russian and foreign publications are used: monographies, periodicals, methodical manuals, term surveys, handbooks, encyclopedias and also specialized dictionaries: Russian-English Geological dictionary under edition Ju.Leonov, English-Russian Geological dictionary by P. Timofeev, M.Alekseyev and T.Sofiano, Explanatory Mining and Geological dictionary under edition Ju.Anistratov, Russian-English phrase-book for geologists by E.Isayev and I. Bondarenko, Four-language encyclopaedic dictionary for physical geography by I.Tshukin.

English-Russian and Russian-English Geological dictionary Polyglossum, searching for Russian word Show screenshot (searching for Russian word)

English-Russian and Russian-English Geological dictionary Polyglossum, searching for English word Show screenshot (searching for English word)

Current version of the dictionary program Polyglossum allows to one-step search through all the installed dictionaries. It is easy to search for cross-references and backward translations through all the dictionaries. So, it is good idea to use this Dictionary together with some more Polyglossum dictionaries, such as common lexis dictionaries, technical dictionaries etc.

Dictionaries which can be recommended together with this dictionary:

You can download newest build of Polyglossum program and demo-version of the dictionary on
DOWNLOAD page of ETS Publishing House
direct link to file of demo-version: demo_geol_manyshev.zip
To view demo-dictionary, Polyglossum program required, latest version recommended.
See also http://www.ets.ru/pg/pg/en/inst.htm

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