Geodesy and cartography English - Russian - English dictionary. Polyglossum

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Geodesy and cartography English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864552089
S.Akhlamov, G.Galperin, E.Zharkova
About 40000 terms.
File of dictionary: geod.pg32 (1 323 569 bytes, 877Kb in zip-archive)

The nomenclature of following areas is included in this English-Russian and Russian-English Geodesy and Cartography Dictionary of Polyglossum electronic dictionaries set: cartography, cart printing technology, aerotopography and aerophototopography, geodesy, topography, specific branches of photo and optics, cartography plotting, gravimetry, radio engineering and radio geodesic measurements, calculations, binding to district and locations, theory of errors and methodology of their revealing, and also other lexicon connected to a geodesy and cartography.

This English-Russian and Russian-English Geodesy and Cartography Dictionary has but small part of military-topographical lexicon, in particular of abbreviations and letter codes, explanatory signatures both nomenclature terms of maps and cartography documents, as these terms are well represented in the English-Russian-English Military Abbreviations Dictionary.

The system of simultaneous search by one click in all Polyglossum dictionaries allows easily to find abbreviations, word and expression in English and Russian as well in these two dictionaries and in other ones (now there are more than 150 available dictionaries of Polyglossum)

By the dictionary constructing were used: American, English and Russian directories, special explanatory and terminological collections and dictionary basis, cartography legends, monographs, text-books, manuals and instructions, and also materials of Internet and Mass media.

The dictionary is designed for the experts cartographers, geodesists, aerophotodecodists, photogrammetrists etc., students and professors of cartography high schools and faculties, professional interpreters, and also for a broad circle of workers in close-related to cartography areas.

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