Geology English - Russian - English dictionary, Polyglossum

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Geology English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553077
M.Sofianovsky, K.Grischuk, S.Kurbatov
About 23000 terms.
File of dictionary: geo_.pg32 (769 548 bytes, 566Kb in zip-archive)

The third virtual issue of the Geology English-Russian-English Dictionary has 32000 terms both in English and in Russian.

The search is carried out both on titles of the articles and on terms and context-sensitive examples inside the articles, and also on words included in structure of composite terms and examples. All the words of the dictionary are realized as cross references. The program allows instantly see usage of any word through all installed dictionaries.

The basis of the Geology English-Russian-English dictionary was carried out using developed by ETS publishing house and techniques of terms use rating. It includes also some common technological lexicon necessary for understanding and translation of the specific literature.

This English-Russian-English Geological Dictionary Polyglossum is useful for students, professors, experts and interpreters.

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