Laitteet, koneosat ja työkalut. Suomi-Venäjä-Englanti sanakirja.

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Laitteet, koneosat ja työkalut. Suomi-Venäjä-Englanti sanakirja Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553794
Indices in all 3 languages
About 3500 definitions in Russian, length of indices: about 12 000
File of dictionary: fer_mash.pg32 (339 522 bytes, 253Kb in zip-archive)

Finnish Russian Finnish dictionary of mashinery with english equivalents for Polyglossum The most part of brought terms is absent in earlier issued dictionaries. The dictionary includes as the settled terminology on details of machines, mechanisms, units, connections and tools, and the new lexicon connected to occurrence recently of new types of mechanisms, tools and technologies. The present dictionary does not apply for universal completeness, but will be undoubtedly useful as technical experts, businessmen and translators, and the persons studying foreign languages, is especial in conditions of universal internationalization and globalization technical and commercial contacts.

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