English - Russian - English slang dictionary Polyglossum

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English - Russian - English slang dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553026
Group of autors under edition of A. Fedina
About 80 000 terms.
File of dictionary: er_slang.pg32 (518 886 bytes, 1.4Mb in zip-archive)

The dictionary of such volume and subject in the electronic form is issued for the first time. It includes colloquial, reduced and slang lexicon as well expressions of various colours. This is the language of street, telephone talks, youths and much other professional slang, i. e. military, marine, computer slang etc.

The dictionary is useful especially now, the epoch of fast informatization, globalization, decrease of educational level, reduction of language culture etc. The dictionary lexicon was not fixed and mapped practically in any dictionaries and manuals before. The understanding of colloquial lexicon and slang is one from most difficult (alongside with understanding of abbreviations) problems for foreigners.

Quick note on another point of view: many foreigners beginning to study Russian (about what they correspond with pride) first of all purchase the ETS published Russian Slang Dictionary, or even Russian Foul Language Explanatory Dictionary (dirty words, "Russky Mat") but pay no attentions to the big classical dictionaries of Russian such as Dahl Dictionary, Ushakov Dictionary.

This is not so good practice and that is why after the certain speculations we begun to anticipate of the Slang and "Mat" dictionaries by the message: "Knowledge of Russian slang and Russky Mat without sufficient knowledge of Russian can be dangerous to your health..." ;-))

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