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Large Polytechnic English - Russian - English dictionary
ISBN: 586455202X
Under edition of prof. V.Butnik
About 1200000 terms.
File of dictionary: er_plt2.pg32 (26 020 535 bytes, 17.9Mb in zip-archive)

This dictionary exceeds considerably all existing English-Russian dictionaries in volume and scope. It differs essentially from others with novelty, i.e. reflects changes in scientific and technological lexicon which has occurred for last 5-10 years. It represents results of the collective composers` long-term work.

Dictionary based on the same sources as Comprehensive English Russian scientific and technical dictionary in 3 volumes Edited by prof. V.V.Butnik, ISBN 5933860115, Release date: 1999, Published by "ETS" but in comparison with printed issie it have bidirectional indices and allow to search words within complex terms.

American scientific and technological periodicals and literature, the latest scientific and technical dictionaries, directories and encyclopedias were mainly used at the developing of the dictionary. As well the dictionary databases created earlier by the publishing house ETS which already more than 10 years engaged with release of the encyclopedic and technical dictionaries and reference books as hard copy and as electronic files.

The dictionary is based on the American English having spread all other the scientific and engineering world. In case of the British English it is supplied with an corresponding bookmark. This is the first such sort attempt in Russia.

The existing dictionaries, practically without exception, base on the British English. And that were proved for decades and different reasons.

The dictionary is intended for a wide range of the users - scientists, engineers, teachers and students, interpreters and editors of the scientific and technical literature

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