English - Russian - English Dictionary on Mining. Polyglossum

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English - Russian - English Dictionary on Mining Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864552070
ETS Publishing House, 2005.
About 150000 terms.

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New exrended edition of Mining dictionary by V.P.Manyshev
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Description of Mining dictionary, 2-nd enlarged edition

The English-Russian-English mining dictionary is issued for the first time.

Therefore before the authors there was the proposition to realize wide looking up and selection of branch terminology, used in both languages, from the scientific and technical literature, references books and dictionaries. Thus was allowed, that in parallel with perfecting of a recovery process both reprocessing of mineral resources also terminological basis of branch was developed. Alongside with such already historical terms, as "horse driver", "spiking up" in the dictionary the terms of new breed "distance control", "torpedoing" etc mirror.

The replenishment of mining terminological basis was carried out, however, not only for account of expansion: many "aged" terms have gained additional meaning or acquired by new "tillers".

The terms of mining industry and science are mirrored in the dictionary, and also the terms from adjacent branches, such as geology, oil- and gas-extraction, applied chemistry, mining construction, ore cleaning, obtained the particular meanings and often used in mining. As references for search and selection of terminological base proceedings of the international mining congresses, conferences and symposiums have been used and also the English-Russian Mining dictionary (edited by L.I. Baron), «Mining Encyclopedia», English-Russian and Russian-English Oil-Gas-Field diction-ary by A.I. Bulatov, the Russian-English geologic dictionary (edited by Ju.G. Leonov), the Russian-English Polytechnical dictionary (edited by B.V. Kuznetsov), the ex-planatory mining-and-geological dictionary (edited by Ju.I. Anistratov). The diction-ary contains about 150000 entries in total.

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