Large Universal English - Russian - English dictionary.

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Large Universal English - Russian - English dictionary
ISBN: 5864552003 (2005), 5864551198 (1997 - 1999)
About 600000 terms.
File of dictionary: engrus.pg32 (15 049 028 bytes, 10.4Mb in zip-archive)

Since January 9, 2009: 2-nd extended edition of Large Universal English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum is on sale.
You can order it on page: Description of Large Universal English-Russian-English dictionary Polyglossum, 2-nd extended edition

This Large Universal English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary of common lexis (for Polyglossum, © ETS Publishing House) - really is large. See articles in magazines (Computerra, Hard & Soft), Levin's book "Useful programs", in feedbacks of Amazon-Bookstore etc. This dictionary contains about 600 000 search words in both languages. Polyglossum can search words not only on headings of articles, but also inside an entry, inside examples etc., so in real about 1 000 000 translations can be found.

"This dictionary will satisfy all your translational inquiries and wishes. It is difficult to find a word which would not be in this electronic dictionary", - written in This dictionary has one of highest Amazon rating among English-Russian and Russian-English electronic dictionaries.

This Large Universal English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary is structured as the usual paper dictionary. A unique difference is that you should not search for something in several-volumes book. By a few mouse clicks or a key press you can find all possible translations of a word. You browse the dictionary scrolling alphabetic list of English or Russian words, or to type word to be sought. Each of words in dictionary text can be used as cross-reference to find more info.

The dictionary is author's assembly of new Russian and English most popular and modern words and phrases, and also includes idioms, phraseological units and examples of use of words in both languages. It can be used not only as the tool for translation, but also by English-speaking people studying Russian, and by Russian speaking people studying English.

Dictionary contains also jargons, slang, words and expressions of "language of street", language of daily dialogue, etc. In addition to "everyday" lexis, reasonable number of most common words on special topics included. Business, banking, insurance, legal, technic and science, computers, software, Internet, mobile communication, modern technologies, automobile equipment, motorcycles, etc.

This dictionary can be useful both for professional translators and students.

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Polyglossum program allow to install several dictionaries (separate dictionary files), and allow one-step search in all installed dictionaries. For example one can install additionally: the economic dictionary 200 000 search terms, the polytechnic (techniques and science) dictionary - more than 1 200 000 search terms, etc. About 60 English-Russian-English dictionaries now available in our online shop. These can cover almost any needs of professional translator.

In addition, Polyglossum program also provide special "user's dictionary". Polyglossum allows to add new words to "user's dictionary" and to edit is "on-the-fly". When searching in any of dictionaries Polyglossum also shows result of searching in "user's dictionary".

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