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English - Russian - English dictionary for engineers Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553719
About 800000 terms.
File of dictionary: enginee.pg32 (17 582 746 bytes, 12.2Mb in zip-archive)

1-st edition of this dictionary was issued in 1995 in "Polyglossum_II" CD (for DOS/Win3.1). Now it is issued in modern version of Polyglossum (for Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me)

This dictionary can be useful both for professional translators and students.

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Polyglossum program allow to install several dictionaries (separate dictionary files), and allow one-step search in all installed dictionaries. For example one can install additionally:

etc., etc... More than 150 dictionaries for Polyglossum now available in our online shop. These can cover almost any needs of professional translator.

You can download newest build of Polyglossum program and demo-version of the dictionary on
DOWNLOAD page of ETS Publishing House

In addition, Polyglossum program also provide special "user's dictionary". Polyglossum allows to add new words to "user's dictionary" and to edit is "on-the-fly". When searching in any of dictionaries Polyglossum also shows result of searching in "user's dictionary".

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