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Ecology English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553662
About 80000 terms.
File of dictionary: eco.pg32 (2 907 698 bytes, 2.1Mb in zip-archive)

This electronic issue of Ecology English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum is extended issue on basis of printed issue of dictionary on ecology ( see page

Below is preface of printed issue:

English-Russian Dictionary on Ecology contains more than 35,000 terms and phrases on major fields of knowledge and practical activities connected with ecology and environmental protection: biosphere; ecological systems; natural zones, elements and factors of the natural environment; types of resources; monitoring of the environment; antropogenic influence on the living nature; protection of rare species; sources and types of environmental pollution; protection of soils, water resources, and air; production, agricultural, and consumer wastes and disposal thereof; sewage disposal constructions; water preparation and disposal stations; land improvement; diseases and pathological conditions caused by environmental pollution; economics and legal problems of ecology and environmental protection; quality standards of the environment; environmental protection education; international co-operation in environmental protection activities; organizations activity of which is directly or indirectly connected with environmental protection. The dictionary also contains stylistic expressions which are used while dealing with the topics above.

The dictionary is made for a wide circle of users.

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Sample pages of the dictionary (PDF-file, 200Kb)

Polyglossum allow one-step searching trough severeal different dictionaries. Program also have "user's dictionary" (to collect newest words), which can be edited "on the fly".

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