Machine elements English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum

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Machine elements English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553654
V.Bergman, S.Lichak, S.Pankin, M.Shevchuk, under edition of dr. L.Belkind
About 70000 terms.
File of dictionary: e_detali.pg32 (808 502 bytes, 610Kb in zip-archive)

The Machine Elements English-Russian-English Dictionary Polyglossum contains about 70,000 terms in English and Russian. Dictionary contains both terms of theory of mechanisms and practical lexicon related with machine parts: bolts, screws, screw junctions; screw threads, nut, spacer; cotter pins, pins; shaft, axes, pin; valves, latch; ropes, belts, circuit; wedges, dowels; hooks, closed loop; cranks, coulisse; toothed shaft and sprockets, frictional and fly-wheel mechanisms and their parts; lubricators; couplings; bearings, step bearings; springs, shock-absorbers, flat springs; stop units and stopping devices; rollers, pulleys; brake and brake devices; drums, barrels; ratched gears and their parts; pipes and pipe devices, fittings, stubs, valves and their parts; cylinders, pistons, stuffing-boxes, cams etc.

Other terms related to metalcutting machine tools, lubrication and materials used in machines also included to the dictionary.

The English and American standards, regulations, monographies, and other reference manuals in English and Russian were used in developing this dictionary.

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Polyglossum allow one-step searching trough severeal different dictionaries. Program also have "user's dictionary" (to collect newest words), which can be edited "on the fly".

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