Economics and Finance English-Russian-English dictionary Polyglossum

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Economics and Finance English - Russian - English dictionary Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864553166
About 200000 terms.
File of dictionary: anikin.pg32 (4 135 282 bytes, 3.0Mb in zip-archive)

This Economics and Finance English-Russian and Russian-English Dictionary Polyglossum includes both the classic lexicon on economics and the lexicon of practical business sphere, such as banking, accounting, exchange, insurance, logistics and marketing etc.

There are new words included to the dictionary: some professional lingo, new English and American English words, and new words on Internet trade, marketing, factoring, logistics, globalization of economy, European Union, USSR collapse etc.

The dictionary includes also titles of official organizations, INCOTERMS and GATT nomenclature, abbreviations and other terms which was not published before in English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries. The typical phrases, expressions and idioms used in business correspondence and arranging contracts are also included.

The dictionary is designed for the wide circles of users - interpreters, experts and students of Russian or English languages.

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Current version of the dictionary program Polyglossum allows to one-step search through all the installed dictionaries. It is easy to search for cross-references and backward translations through all the dictionaries. So, it is good idea to use this Economics and Finance Dictionary together with some more Polyglossum dictionaries, such as common lexis dictionaries, dictionaries on law, society, maybe technical dictionaries etc.

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