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Erneuerung alter Versionen von Polyglossum bis neuste Version Polyglossum V.3.74

Users of Polyglossum ver.3.70, 3.71 or ver.3.71 can update by uninstalling previous version of Polyglossum via Control Panel and installing Polyglossum ver.3.74
Reregistration procedure (using of keyfiles) is not required in this case.
See also "Download" page.

Users of Polyglossum ver.3.2 - ver.3.55 (dictionaries in *.pg32 format)
can download latest version of Polyglossum program from "Download" page

On moving previously ordered dictionaries for Polyglossum ver.3.2 - ver.3.55 to new version Polyglossum ver.3.74 please ask technical support of ETS via feedback page
(don't forget to include registration info of previously ordered dictionaries)

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