Polyglossum for Android

See also Polyglossum ver.3.74 for Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10)
See also Polyglossum ver.4 (East Asia languages) Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
See also Polyglossum for Mac OS X

"Polyglossum for Android" designed for ARM devices (phones, tablets) working under OS Android.

Compatibility: ARM devices, Android ver.2.2 and above, including Andoid 5+

Program can be downloaded as APK-file. Dictionaries (dictionary datafiles) are distributing separately form the program. To install the dictionary it should be written to Polyglossum on SDCARD.

While dictionaries are not yet installed, program used small set of demo-dictionaries embedded to program package. Demo-version of the dictionary is a short fragment (3 - 5 %) of full version of the same dictionary. Demo-dictionaries are designed to testing of program interface by user on his device.

Polyglossum program can work with several dictionaries simultaneously.

Any of dictionaries for desktop version of Polyglossum (Polyglossum ver.3.7x for Windows) can also be installed to Polyglossum for Android

Dictionaries can be ordered on pages:

We recommend to test Polyglossum program on your device before to order full versions of dictionaries.
Ordering dictionaries in our online shop please write in comment field of the order (shown in shopping cart after selection of methods of delivery and payment) that you will use dictionaries in Android. In this case you will receive keyfiles and installation notes for selected OS.

Users, who ordered dictionaries for desktop version of Polyglossum (i.e. for Windows or for OS X) can install the same dictionaries to Android device without any additional payments
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DOWNLOAD Polyglossum for Android:
pga1.apk (Android 2.2 - 4.3)
pga2.apk (Android 4.4+)

Technical support available via feedback page

Description of the Polyglossum for Android program

Search in dictionaries:


To switch to this screen tap on "search" field on top of window. Next tap on "search" field will invoke keyboard. To hide keyboard (if you wand to scroll alphabetic wordlist manually) press "Enter" key.
Input request to "search" field and alphabetic list will scroll highlighting nearest word.

Button in upper right corner indicates current language of alphabetic wordlist and also can be used to select another language.

Use button in upper left corner to switch to another dictionary.

To see translations select (tap) item in wordlist.

Search results:


On request program shows all the dictionary lines where given word is present. Headers of corresponding dictionary entries are also shown as links.

Press links to view full entries of dictionary.

Use hardware "return" button to get back from dictionary entry.

To find the same word in another dictionary press button in upper left corner.

Dictionaries where the same form of the word are present marked by
If you will switch to such a dictionary, translations will be shown immediately.

Dictionaries where the same form of the word is not present marked by
If you will switch to such a dictionary, program will show nearest words in index of this dictionary.