English - Russian - English dictionary on mathematics.

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English - Russian - English dictionary on mathematics Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864552097
About 300000 terms.
File of dictionary: math.pg32 (5 936 338 bytes, 3.8Mb in zip-archive)

In compiling the dictionary, which took more than 10 years, the author studied about 10,000 dictionaries, reference books, encyclopaedias, monographs, educational supplies, terminological standards, and periodicals. Initial card index of more than 100,000 terms was compiled. In the process of further sorting and correcting the terms, using, in particular, Mathematical Encyclopaedia in 5 volumes (Sovetskaya Encyclopaedia Publishing House, Moscow, 1977-84), more than 75,000 terms, combinations of terms, abbreviations and idioms had been selected and included into the present edition.

Terms of the following fields are presented in the dictionary: mathematics foundations, mathematical logic, algebra, theory of numbers, topology, geometry, graph theory, mathematical analysis, theory of functions, differential and integral equations, variation calculus, optimal control theory, functional analysis, computing mathematics, theory of probability, mathematical statistics, information theory, theoretical cybernetics, computation systems theory, theory of catastrophes, utility theory, theory of decision-making, theory of games, mathematical modeling, combinatory analysis, cryptography, mathematical programming.

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