English - Russian - English dictionary on leather and foot-wear industry.

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English - Russian - English dictionary on leather and foot-wear industry Polyglossum
ISBN: 5864552062
Prof., Dr.Sc. (Tech.) G. Arbuzov, Dr.Sc. (Tech.) A. Mikhailova, Dip.Ing. I. Kachkho, Dr. Fil.Sc. (Eng.) Ya. Smrnitskaya and employees of a foreign trade company "Kogprominvest"
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The English-Russian-English Leather and Shoe Dictionary contains terms on a leather and skin, footwear, fur both technology and production, leather technology and production, shoe technology and production, fur technology and production. The most relevant terms are supplied with explanations in Russian.

In the dictionary the terms relating a feed stock and semifinished items, methods of processing, tannic and auxiliary materials, machines, quality, control and properties of finish products, and also different test methods are given.

At drawing up of the dictionary the nomenclature from the foreign and Russian references utilised: GOSTs, OST's, monographies, technical and exposition catalogues , manuals and handbooks, modern periodic, reference and technical literature.

The dictionary is intended for a wide range of the readers working in leather and shoe industries, adjacent to: the engineers, designers, stylists, technologists, for the experts in the field of leather and shoe trade, and also for translators both students of profile high schools and average special and professional educational institutions.

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