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Double Packing Polyglossum and PARS 'Business' on CDROM

ISBN 586455104X, 5864551031
Release date: 1998
Published by: ETS
Polyglossum II 'Business' (about 600,000 terms, six English-Russian-English dictionaries: General Lexis, Business, Business Correspondence, Economics and Finances, Bank Terminology, Patent, Legal Pars 'Business' (more than 530,000 terms)
Five English-Russian-English dictionaries for Pars Translator: General Lexis, Business and Economics, Bank Terminology, Patent, Legal.

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Russian Translation Office for Business Persons is the first in the world single CD-ROM based solution to effectively break Russian language barrier in business communications. This CD-ROM contains a unique selection of especially developed business and law dictionaries, together with the state of the art PARS Machine Translation System. The CD-ROM allows you to communicate with Russia in Russian, to browse information databases in Russian, read and prepare contracts in both languages without any knowledge of Russian. This software package will open for you Russian stock exchanges, the Internet communications, Russian advertising sources both printed and on-line, etc.

CD-ROM Contents Russian-English-Russian DICTIONARIES:

  • Basic Dictionary (40,000 words and idioms);
  • Business Dictionary (200,000 terms);
  • Dictionary of Business Correspondence (45,000 terms);
  • Dictionary of Banking and Financial Terms (50,000 terms);
  • Dictionary of Economy and Finance (200,000 terms);
  • Patent Dictionary (15,000 terms);
  • Dictionary of Law (30,000 terms).
  • PARS Machine Translation System:

Translates from any word processor as fast as 4 seconds per page with a quality eliminates post editing in up to 89% of the target text. And it is very simple in operation. If you know your word processor, you can start using the system right away after installation. The PARS System contains 245,000 terms in internal dictionaries. Even if PARS leaves some terms or words untranslated, you will still have our powerful Polyglossum dictionaries to finish the translation in no time. This specialized Machine Translation will satisfy virtually all your needs in obtaining Russian business information.

To find a word in a dictionary, just click on Dictionary in PG-II from Programs (Windows'95 or NT) or double click Dictionary in PG-II from Program Manager (Windows) and you will call up a dictionary icon. From this you can select a dictionary. You can then find any one of more than 580,000 terms by either typing it or scrolling. Another double click on the word or just Enter strike and you have the dictionary entry. To find a term translation from a file in your word processor is even easier. Simply highlight the word and strike a hot key (Alt+1) to have the entry on your screen in about 2 seconds. Then strike Esc and the window will be minimized awaiting its next use.

After installing PARS you will find a new word Translate in the MS Word top bar. Simply highlight any part of a file, click on Translate and select a translation mode: English-Russian or Russian-English. Then select dictionaries and click Run. It takes about 4 seconds per page from Hard Drive and somewhat longer from CD-ROM resident dictionaries.

A FREE Top Key program is included in the package to resolve any computer and keyboard russification problems.

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