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Proverbs of the Russian Folk, V. I. Dal via FTP


Author: V.I.Dal
Release date: 1998
Published by: ETS
More than 36,000 proverbs, sayings, tongue-twisters, believes, tokens and riddles of the Russian Folk.
File rp_dal.zip 2,656,641 bytes.

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"Language is the greatest wealth of the people! Countless treasures of human thought and experience are being accumulated and living in a word for thousand years. And, may be there is no other people's creativity form, but proverbs, in which with such a force and in so many facets his intellect appears, in such a crystal way his national history, social formation, way of life, world outlook are accumulated.

Accurate and figurative Russian Language is especially rich with proverbs, there are thousands, tens of thousands of them! As having wings they fly from a century to a century, from one generation to another one and one can not see the boundless distance to which this pithy wisdom is flying:"


Vladimir Ivanovich Dal' is known to many people as the author of "Explanatory Dictionary of Live Great Russian Language".

Meanwhile his collection "Proverbs of the Russian people" is of not less value. This collection is a unique and most probably the only collection according to its scope variety of material - more than 36,000 proverbs, sayings, tongue twisters, chatterboxes, signs, riddles are structured in 179 thematic sections. V.I.Dal' has being working over this collection for about 50 years!

The collection is open by the section "God-Faith", which is subdivided by V.I.Dal' into subsections, for example: "Faith and Good", "Good and Favor- Evil", "Good - Bad", "Joy - Grief", " "Fault - Sin", "Idling - Drunkenness", "Fight - War", " Man - Signs", "Motherland - Foreign Land", "Rus' - Motherland", "Language - Speech", "Intellect - Stupidity", "Commerce - Riddles", "Secret - Curiosity", "Friend - Foe", "Swearing - Oath-Bail", "Gossip - Spy"," Abuse - Greetings",

"Caprice", "Superstition - Signs", "Proverbs - Sayings", "Refrains",

"Embellishments", "Tongue-twisters",etc.

The electronic version of the collection possesses many advantages over traditional book-type issue. First of all there is a possibility for quick (in real time) search along the sections according to the given word or words of a proverb (saying), which contain this word or words. One can also use the search over all the collection. There is a possibility to look through the Collection in ABC Order. The program allows to take the found proverbs (parts of the text), into the user's computer.

The Collection is prepared in modern spelling.

Minimum requirements: i486, 8 MB, mouse, Windows 3.11,95,NT.

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