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English Russian English dictionary Polyglossum on CD. Edition 4

ISBN 5864550841
Release date: 1997
Published by: ETS
About 500000 terms.
Polyglossum II The disk contains 9 English - Russian - English dictionaries: Computers and Software, Aerospace, Micro-Electronics, Radio-Electronics, Patent, Textile

Preis: $12.00

What is the Polyglossum II dictionary? Instant search and translation of any words or expressions. It is not necessary for you to know accurately the word spelling. With easy and fast mouse clicks you will have a word or phrase translated in about two seconds. You can use a scrollbar to browse in the dictionary or you can simply type a word in the dictionary search line to find it. While you are typing a word, the search is already in progress. Each succeeding letter brings you closer to the word position in the dictionary. So you never waste time in searching.

The dictionary can serve not only as a translation tool but also as a reference source for those English speaking persons learning Russian or Russian speaking persons learning English.

To find a word simply click PGII in Programs (Windows'9x and Windows'NT) and you will call up a dictionary icon. From this you can find almost any existing word in the both languages. "Paste" is used to transfer a translation into other applications through a clipboard. "History" preserves previously translated words for faster repeated reference. "Reverse" is used to switch between Russian-English and English-Russian Dictionaries. Another double click on the selected word or Enter strike and you have the dictionary entry.

To find a word or phrase translation from a file in your word processor is even easier. Simply highlight it and strike a hot key (Alt+1) to display the translation on your screen. The program distinguishes the language of a required word and switches the direction of translation - English-Russian or Russian-English! Then strike Esc and the icon will be minimized awaiting its next use.

The dictionary works with all Windows versions beginning from 3.11 and up to Windows 9x, NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.

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