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Additional downloadable dictionaries for Polyglossum via Internet Contents
Step by Step instructions here!

The publishing house ETS offers new service - sale of downloadable dictionary databases delivered via Internet. Why the delivery by Internet is better, than CD-ROM?

  • You choose only those dictionaries, which are necessary to you, instead of buy the CD-ROM collection
  • The changes are amended also to our dictionaries. On Internet you receive renewed versions of the dictionaries
  • The delivery of the dictionaries by Internet occurs quickly, without dependence of your location. Besides you save a little bit money at post services expenses.

You can buy any dictionary ever issued as CD.

If you still do not have the PolyglossumII dictionary you could download it from our site, install it to your computer and make free-of-charge (for individual use only) registration by E-mail. You simply send a message with your name and are replied with a key file. This file needs to be placed in the Polyglossum folder and at the next start the shell find it and make registration.

After it the key file is coded to prevent copying by any person without your consent. You can always use your initial key that is why you should keep it in a reliable place. At the start of the program a warning will be given out that the real databases are not found and the system will continue to work as demoversions delivered with the distributive. At addition at least one database (either from any our CD or received by ftp) demoversions stop the work and in the list of the established bases there are only real dictionaries.

After you have paid for the dictionary and received by E-mail the key file you are supplied with the URL to download the necessary database, or to take it from one of the CD's (Polytechnical Dictionary, Briefassistent). The dictionary and the key to it need to be copied in the subdirectory DIC.PG2 of the folder with established Polyglossum 1.80. At the next start of the dictionary program (pgw.exe) the new base will be automatically added to the dictionary.


How to buy the downloadable dictionaries with delivery by FTP or E-Mail?

Here is detailed description of process of data bases purchasing with delivery by Internet.

Step 1. It is necessary to download, install and register an authorized copy of the PolyglossumII dictionary shell. You can download and read how to install just now. This step is absolutely free-of-charge.

Step 2. You choose one or some dictionary data bases and pay them. If you are going to pay with your credit card the simple way to make it through the ASSITST. You can also send an in free form to order sales@ets.ru inexpensive data and settle the account in any bank.

Step 3. After the payment is affirmed you receive by E-mail the address to download the ordered data base and your personal key. By data bases purchasing necessary to send your license number obtained at the Polyglossum registration. Numbers of the key file license to any data base and your Polyglossum license number are to be the same.

Step 4. The file received by FTP needs to be unpacked in subdirectory DIC.PG2 of the directory where you have installed PolyglossumII. It is necessary to copy the received by e-Mail key file to the same directory.

Step 5. At the next run of the PolyglossumII the new data base is automatically connected to the dictionary.


The received key files are urgently recommended to be saved in safe place. After the PolyglossumII detects the files in the appropriate directories it codes them to make for anybody impossible illegal using of your copy. If you are going to use obtained key files later, for example to copy the dictionary to your new computer or by reinstalling the operating system they are to be saved unchanged at an archival floppy disk.


We guarantee you can always receive a copy of your key file. We do not guarantee the downloaded files of the dictionaries will be always accessible to the previously pointed addresses, but we are always ready to upload them at the site by request of an authorized user.

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