ETS Authors

Boris N. Klimzo

Boris N. Klimzo was born in 1930. He graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and for 15 years was engaged in design, testing and commissioning of various power plants. Foreign languages were his hobby, which transformed gradually into a deep and professional interest in problems related to translating the scientific and technical literature.

For about a quarter of a century, he was with MIR Publishing House as a scientific editor and, later, editor-in-chief of translated Transactions of American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He continued to study problems of translation using his engineering background, and wrote a dozen articles and two books on translation of scientific & technical literature such as feasibility study reports, journal papers, standards, patents, manuals, etc. He took part in many translation conferences and workshops all over the country and was an instructor and assistant professor of the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages.

Mr. Klimzo has also compiled a Russian-English dictionary of words and word combinations in general use by scientists and engineers, in two volumes, published by ETS (Moscow). The author had been working on the dictionary for over 30 years. He tried to realize a number of his ideas intended to make easy any search for word combinations and to provide the dictionary users (scientists, engineers, translators, editors) with live idiomatic equivalents taken from native English sources.

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