5-th leg? Or may be you need some of these?

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Can you display multilingual text (including incompatible codepages) in your www page? Ancient solution is to develop special fonts and to distribute these to all visitors of your page. New browsers allow more simple way to do such a things. Look here!

What is more simple then to switch keyboard? Nothing, if you have only two installed. But what if you have more (for example English, Germany, Greek and Cyrillic) ?
Look into Michael Gromov' "Switch it!" page.

Do you like native Windows 95 keyboard mapping? For all languages? Or, maybe, you would like to make some changes? See Janko Stamenovic' Keyboard Generator.

Do you need "KOI8-r" in Windows 95 or NT ? In any case visit KOI8-r page. You will know much more about Windows (and codepages, of course).

Dictionaries we are developing are rather professional tools then "bells & whistles".

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